Revealed... common mistakes after a fatal car accident,
or a fatal work accident, and the steps to a fair settlement


If you lost a family member in a car wreck or other fatal accident, you have discovered ...

Insurance adjusters would like to get you to settle quickly, but you may not know about the steps in the process. You may have been sent an unfamiliar form to sign.  You may have been asked to give a recorded statement.

You can get a free e-report that lets you know the exact steps that experienced lawyers use to evaluate and settle fatal accident cases.

This free report will answer frequently-asked questions, for example:

  • Typical time limits for bringing your claim,
  • For a car wreck death, what car insurance coverages may apply,
  • Claims against Federal or State government,
  • How do you choose an attorney for your family's claim.

Report Highlights

Mistakes to Avoid

You may lower the value of your claim when you give a statement to an insurance adjuster. Their job is to settle for a low amount, but this can be unfair to your family. See the report for an explanation.

Valuable Steps

You will be better off when you see what is necessary to put a dollar amount on your claim, and how this should be presented to the insurance company.


Car Accident Death

When death is caused by a car wreck, the claim is often handled differently because there are three insurance coverages to evaluate.

Workplace Death Accident

The Worker Compensation award is too low because of the existing system. But there are other important steps to evaluate that may get a much better result.